Hier vindt u onze fotogallerij met foto's van de afgelopen jaren.
Met veel dank aan al onze gasten die deze foto's hebben gemaakt cq beschikbaar hebben gesteld. Zonder jullie input zouden we niet zo'n mooie collectie hebben.
Here you find our picture gallery with pics of the past years. With thanks to all of our guests who made these pics available. Without your input we would not have such a nice collection.
(New pics are always welcome. We prefer to receive them in the biggest format possible via e-mail, on CD/DVD or via
d9e1e2d8-e060-47d6-82fe-de49b4da41af   Family
Our family exists of Yank, his daughter Jacqueline and granddaughter Amber. Obviously all animals at our ranch also belong to our family.

ba7bc3d4-40fe-4ace-9723-f257f4a8fde9   Ranch house & Estate
Here you get a picture of the Ranch House, restaurant, bar, some rooms and everything around the ranch that belongs to our estate/land.

1458907c-1455-4375-a0b8-39bb3a4a70b9   Horses
Here you find some general pictures of our horses

25f81860-4f39-4f22-bb2a-74411f252a02   Stable area
A look at the stables and taking care of the horses after a trail ride.
Our horses only come at the stables to eat or when the weather is very, very bad. The remaining time they are relaxing in the meadow.
Our motto: first the horse, then the rider...

02332841-6c24-4ce0-a02c-039a7777a391   Trails
A selection of the many trail ride pictures. We love to receive recent pictures, so if you have nice pics you like to share with us we appreciate receiving them in the biggest format possible.

cf54e607-7ffe-4d04-b5fa-588f2a9a5749   Trailpark
Trailpark with several (natural) obstacles, surrounded by a racetrack

2b37da56-e5e1-418c-a186-c55e4dfcd3b0   Evening ride
he evening/night ride is a real special experience and is very much enjoyed by all our guests. Obviously it is difficult to make pics in the dark, so unfortunately we only have a few but we are already very happy with these. With thanks to our guests for making these pics.

fbddb076-cc60-424d-abbc-5bacf8d4da91   The lake of Vésoles / Swimming with the horses
The lake of Vésoles (le lac de Vésoles) is a beautiful, big lake not too far from the ranch. As soon as it is possible (with regard to the weather and water level) we can go for a swim with the horses. You can also go there for a swim yourself or go fishing. It's also a great location to have our lunch

89937af8-ae98-42a8-b58c-f49669a6730a   YouTube