Experience horse riding in a comfortable saddle

During your vacation, everything is in the sign of horse riding. You get comprehensive practical and helpful instructions for the handling and care of our horses, such as saddling correctly, right attitude and right commands and meaningful information for it on horseback.
In 2017 we started building a trailpark with (natural) obstacles. The trailpark will be extended with more.
Though our horses are familiar with the obstacles it is always based on the co-operation of horse and rider.
The last day (Friday) will be ended with an estafette-race at the race-track surrounding the trailpark.

Trails and evening/night rideAvondrit.jpg

You will make adventurous trails and on a clear day you'll have a view at the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean.
Weather and lake permitting you can swim with the horses in the nearby natural lake.
You will also experience a spectacular evening/night ride.



In 2017 we started building a trailpark, existing of (natural) obstacles with eg. a fixed bridge, gate, jump, lever-bridge, piano, etc.
The trailpark is surrounded with a race-track where the estafette-race will take place.
You can find several photos in this gallery.

And next to all that: a fantastic holiday!

Next to the horse riding you can enjoy the relaxing and family nature of the Ranch, with well prepared meals (ranch meals and barbecues) served in the atmospheric restaurant area, outside or on the covered outdoor terrace.

We also have a cozy "old west" bar/saloon with crackling log fires and comfortable seating area.
Also well known are our Campfire nights at a starry sky.
For the more energetic we offer lasso throwing, archery, rifle shooting, darts or a brisk walk on the pristine grounds
of the Ranch where you might run into boar and deer.
Finally, you can laze or dream away on the sunbathing lawn or in our nice lounge area, with a beautiful view of grazing