How it all started...

In the summer of 2000, Jan Henk Oosting (Yank) started his new challenge: to organize professional Horse RidingYankJacqueline
holidays and work with cattle in the South of France.
Yank has already had great success in Belgium with this concept before.
With his own hands he has transformed his beautiful country estate of over 120 hectares to a complete Horse domain.
Jacqueline, his daughter, shares her fathers passion for horses and is playing an important part in the company ever
since 2006, creating a memorable experience for their guests.
She is the trail guide, takes care of the horses and treats guests to her delicious home cooking.
Since the beginning of 2016 she has fully taken over the company from her father. Of course Yank is still present and
he helps his daugther in any way he can.
Their experience, determination and passion for horses and nature, create a wonderful horseback experience.
Yank and Jacqueline explored France from horseback and would like you to enjoy it too!
They speak Dutch, English, French and German.

A new challenge

As of June 1, 2021 we have moved to a new location in the Tarn, located near the city of Castres and outside the village of Lacrouzette. 
The reason for this is that Yank is getting older and 120ha has really become much too big to maintain, especially if Jacqueline has to do it alone. 
In addition, the weather conditions at 1000m were sometimes harsh during October to April. 1 meter of snow is really no fun with a number of horses. 
In Lacrouzette it may be warmer in summer, but the evenings are also much more pleasant. You rarely need a cardigan against the cold and snow is rarely there.
A lot of work has been done in the meanting but there is still some work to do before everything is completely to our (and maybe your) liking. We actually have to start all over again.
We had a great time at the ranch 'on that mountain', but are very happy in our new place! Our motto is: it always works out!
Though there is still some work to be done, we are well on our way and we look forward to sharing this, once again beautiful place, with our guests!