Week package - general


Trail rideWe offer you a fully taken care of weekly package, unique in Europe.
At the start of your holiday, you will be partnered with your horse, which you will keep for the whole week.
You can explore together, venturing onto hidden trails and work with the cattle.


Lots of horse riding

You will ride your horse for about (minimal) 4 hours a day. Halfway through the week there will be one rest day that you can spend any way you want or need.

During this holiday you will enjoy the familial ambiance at Oosting-HorseRiding. You can relax and enjoy the home cooked meals, nights with campfire and barbecues, carbine shooting, archery, roping and of course all the other
animals iving with us.

The horses are in big pastures together as much as possible. TrailAlso because of this you will find very happy horses that are well socialised.
Our horses are trained as ranch horses for their technique, power, strength and endurance.
In short: very reliable and good horses!

In principle you will ride and take care of the same horse for the whole week. It's your buddy and will work hard for you. That is why we think it's important you participate in getting the horses from the meadow and taking care of them. Your connection with the horse will become much stronger this way.


Price for the 8-day advanced-program amounts to € 955,- per person (full board, excl. drinks).

SwimmingMinimum age to participate is set to 16 years, the maximum rider weight is 90 kg.

Meals are home cooked and fully taken care of (breakfast, lunch, 3-course dinner).
Bed linen is included. Toiletries and towels to bring by your own.

All holidays are of an 8-day, 7-night, 5 day horse riding duration and run from Saturday to Saturday.
If necessary (eg. because of weather conditions), the programs can/will be changed.


Make a reservation

Are you interested in one of our Programs and would you like to make a reservation? You can contact us via our CONTACT FORM.
We can let you know if your preferred date is still available and you can book directly. We will send you the booking confirmation via e-mail.
After receiving the booking confirmation we require a (non-refundable) deposit of € 250,- per arrangement per person to be paid to our bank account within 10 days.

The remaining amount has to be transferred to our bank account, no later than 6 weeks before the start of your holiday.
Cancellation costs amount to 70% when cancelled between 4 and 2 weeks before the beginning of your holiday.
Cancellation costs amount to 100% when cancelled between 2 weeks and the beginning of your holiday.

Travel, luggage and route description

From England it is easy to travel from London Luton or Brighton to Beziers, with RyanAir.
You will arrive at Beziers airport and we will pick you up en take you to our estate (and back to the airport of course).
Transfer costs for this return trip are € 75,- per person.

Besides your normal luggage, take care of comfortable and practical clothing depending on the time of year, possibly with a hat and riding chaps.
Wearing a safety hat is not mandatory. Obviously you ride at your own risk.
Bedding will be provided by us. You need to bring towels and toilet requisites yourself.

The route description is given in the confirmation form, but is also noted on our website.
If you like to travel with other guests or like to take other guests along, please do let us know. Possibly we are able to mediate and can bring you into contact with each other.